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A big thank-you to Nick and Jean for sorting out our lovely ZS at short notice, we cannot praise Austin Garages enough and would not trust any of cars to anyone other than Nick. You continue to offer the best reliable, friendly service and we wish you both a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your much deserved rest. Thanks guys!
See you in the New Year with the Range Rover and ZTT.
All the best from Lucy & Sean
Took my 260 to Nicks this weeks to sort out some annoying problems with my electrics and an oil change. Not only did he fix problems that my local MG/Rover garage told me would cost hundreds of pounds, very simply and quickly, but fixed my way out of alignment bumper, faulty bonnet switch, re-programmed the ECU (it diidn't really have any sensible programme in it). Upgraded my horns and identified the cause of my clutch slipping. He has saved me hundreds of pounds and now the car is much better than it has ever been.

So its back in in January for a clutch change. No qualms here at all.

Thank you Nick and Jean for the great hospitality especially to a complete stranger. Especially for calling me on the phone as I drove past your place when trying to find you.

By far the best experience I have ever had when dealing with any garage or motor technician. Simply fantastic service - sorted the audio problems on my ZT 260 without fuss, supplied cups of tea and even gave me a lift to and from the railway station. Cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you Nick and Jean!
A superb service from a friendly couple. Nick completes the jobs requested to the highest standard. Couldn't ask for better.
Will continue to bring my ZT-T from Bicester.

Thanks guys
i found them to be very helpful and could of easily made me pay for unnecessary work as i had expected my rear discs to be replaced but they where OK . Nick found some problems which need doing and i will be arranging to get them done soon . all in all a very personnel service better than i have had in a long time and thanks for the coffee
Once again an excellent service with hospitality (Thanks for tea!)

If you have a ZT260 this is the place to get your vehicle maintained!
Best customer service I've ever had from front office and back office staff These guys know their stuff!
i own a zt 260 with a roush supercharged engine and recently have had a few problems,i.e non runner.there was no one local who had any interest or idea what to do.i spoke to nick and booked the car in,me ,car and recovery truck arrived last saturday at 9.20 am from yorkshire.nick put car on t4 and by 10.00 it was running,by 12.30 it was sorted.back home at 1.30 pm car absolutely flying,very fast.i own my own garage business but dont have the correct diagnostics.i am telling you this guy knows his stuff and we had a great rapour together,i will no doubt be booking my pride and joy in again for any future problems.both nick and his wife were very helpful and made sure i could drive my beautiful car back home.
thanks once again
mg zt se superchaged
Well, im back again, after the excellent service and MOT back in April where Nick identified a potential engine problem.

Well Nick had my car for past few days to sort it, as well as some other features.... Such as ... New Computer, Traffic Master, Painted Brake calipers (wicked), proper alloy bolts (nice and black, goes well with silver alloy) amongst other stuff.

The service (once again) was excellent, and already starting to think of new things i can do to my 'Beastie' for next time.

Many thanks to you Nick and Jean again on another Job well done.

Cheers J
MG ZT 135 CDti+
I think I am the only customer Nick and Jean have in France, but my "detours" have been well worthwhile! I first heard about them on Two-Sixties then read about the ICE upgrades they did on another ZT. I entrusted my car to them for a similar upgrade and was delighted with the job they did. Nick's knowledge and professional skills are outstanding.
Since then I've had a couple of problems with the car and they've done a first-rate job fixing them. A battery drain caused by part of the iPod kit which Nick was very thorough in testing and eradicating, then an occasional but severe misfire. Nick insisted on testing the car sufficently to experience it himself and took great pains to clean the dirty fuel pump causing it.
So all round great (and friendly) service!
took my car in Saturday for a new cambelt and quite a few other bits n bobs, and i must say i've never felt happier about spending money on my car. Nick and Jean are brilliant and go out of their way to help you, will definatly return in the near future for some cosmetic work. Thanks Nick and Jean, see you again soon. If you love your car, then bring it here it will be well looked after.

PS She flew through the MOT so thanks again. :-)
I travelled the 150 miles each way for my 60,000 mile service and a few other jobs and as always the service is second to none. The knowledge that Nick has is unbelievable and the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. If you love your MG or Rover then they deserve nothing less than a visit to Austin Garages
Thanks Nick & Jean for sorting out both our MGF's. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely be regular customers, and we are happy to recommend your garage to everybody, for quality, service and value for money.
Brilliant service from start to finish. A clean friendly environment which is family run, always professional and I'd not take my car anywhere else. I never feel ripped off as one so easily can at other garages, Nick and Jean are just brilliant.
Had a look at our 75 on Saturday afternoon having only just got back from their holiday.
Nick carried out a T4 session for me (shame about the VIS motor) and enabled all the "toys" for me while Jean kept Mags company in reception.
Pleasure to meet such a pleasant and knowledgeable couple and will come back next time something breaks (shouldn't be too long lol).
Hi Nick & Jean,
Just a few lines to thank you for your hospitality and service levels when I visited your establishment today.
Such a pleasant experience, I am sure we will meet again.
Hope you enjoy the flower show, Jean!
Thanks again for everything
Best wishes
Can\'t praise Nick and Jean highly enough for making sure my 75 Tourer is in tip-top condition. Nick is incredibly knowledgeable, and provides a wealth of experience, skill, humour and coffee along with his helpful hints & tips.
Booked my V6 Contemporary SE in for an oil service. Nick hooked car up to T4 and checked out everything. Both viz valves failed. Nick suggested replacement before major damage done. Activated a number of features I was unaware of. Nick suggested that I fit an electric sunblind and wood/leather steering wheel. Returned for suggested work to be carried out and on refitting the seat belt Nick noticed that work had been carried out to petrol tank fuel filter and discovered that a simple modification had not been carried out and the problem was about to repeat itself. A ticking time bomb was how Nick described it. A few minutes later the modification was done.
Nick you will be seeing my 75 for routine servicing in the future.
Nick & Jean, thanks very much.
Just a quick note to thank Nick & Jean for a fantastic customer care package and also ensuring that all of the work on my 75 was carried out to the highest standard possible - nothing was to much trouble, even working through the night to make sure the car was ready for collection. Fully recommended and will be returning for all future services etc. Thanks again Nick - it really does feel like a new car.
Had my beastie serviced, MOT\'ed and my wing mirror fixed (because of drunken thugs), First Class service, Nick will now only be the garage to touch my car from now on, also going to have some enhancements applied to the beastie in the very near future.

Cheers J
MG ZT 135 CDti+
Took the car for its first major service with Nick after visiting in september last year and 110% pleased with the work done and attention to detail. So much that a few little niggly issues he found, were fixed no problem that your run of the mill garage wouldn\'t care about!

Nick and Jean are great to talk to, 2 hours chatting of all things MG Rover & i was just picking the car up, great! Parking up with 2 other V8\'s for a cheeky photo opportunity as well topped the day off.

Thoroughly recommended to anyone with an MG-Rover!

MG ZT 260
nick has just performed a head gasket change on our mg tf and as usual it as completed to his usual mega high standards.
nick also noticed that the cambelt had been left out of sync by a previous garage and repaired it f.o.c.
the car runs much better as a result and was returned in immaculate condition,running like it always should have...cheers

Well I arrived on a coldish day (12th Feb) for my cars 4th 60k service, fan fix and aircon check. It was a long day but also a good fun. Nick let me have a look at various bits of my car as it was being rigorously checked over and Jean was kind enough to supply a steady stream of tea to keep me topped up.

It really was a pleasant experience they are both really nice to talk too and you just know that your car is being looked after how it should be. I will be back for future work/servicing and friends/family will be recommended too!

Thanks again,
Black ZT190SE
Nick completed a 60k service on my ZTV8, fantastic service, great attention to detail and a mind full of MG knowledge. I will certainly be returning
Found Austin Garages a very friendly and helpful place. Nick Has fitted my ZS180 with a new exhaust recently and with all the extras I want fitted in the near future I can\'t think of a better place to take my beloved MG.
Happy New year to you both, good luck in 2009.
Thanks again for sourcing the panel for the racer.

Thank you for the work you carried out on the Rover 820 and the Christmas card you sent.
Wishing you success with your business for 2009 :-)
I will be bringing my MG ZT later on in the year.

Stephen & Gary Yates, Chesterfield

Thank you for all the work you have done. It\'s been well worth the 200 mile round trips to visit you and see my ZT-T running with the Harmon Kardon upgrade, Mk4 widescreen Sat Nav/ Digital TV and USB Ipod interface.

Look forward to returning when the cars service is due. All the best and see you soon.

Hi Nick, great site, but more importantly, great service. Had the ZT260 in for clutch replacement and gearbox seal. The quality provided was definitely worth the >100 mls trip. Will come back if the car is in need of major surgery again. Thanks to Jean there also was a good supply of coffee on what turned out to be a long days work.


Nice site, especially the gallery. Might be worth occasionally advertising in Tamworth now that Bolebridge garage is a pile of rubble! Worth crosslinking with Will you be offering parts, eg X-Part?

RESPONSE: Many thanks for your comments and suggestions.

We will certainly add a link to your website on our links page - it is a too long neglected page!

As far as the good people of Tamworth go we have them in a sights and are intending to leaflet fairly soon. Indeed we already have a couple of customers from that area.

We have no plans in the short to medium term to become an xPart dealer but it is a) something we have thought about and b) an attractive proposition. However lack of available space makes it very difficult at present. We do and will continue to offer advice to anyone who contacts us regarding parts availability and will continue to source parts for customers who ask.

Best wishes Austin Garages
Hi Nick & Jean

I must say finding your web site on the net was nervy at first as I did not know what to expect, I should not have worried as soon as Nick saw my car and said that it was an early production model with this that and the other fitted it left me thinking what a vast knowledge he had without looking anything up too!. And so it proved after two or three visits he soon had my car nearly back to A1 condition.(And great coffee too thanks Jean)
I took the car to you very much liking it BUT NOW LOVING IT..
Thanks again for your Professionalism and friendly service It\'s nice to know that the saying of \'the customer is king\' is still alive...

Dick Fairbairn
Hi Austin, Hope all is going well. Great website by the way.

Thanks for all the help and advice given thoughout the duration of working at Tempest. There are not very many members of the motor trade nowadays for younger mechanics to look up to. However its was good to see someone else who had a genuine interest in all things internal combustion. Overall you are a credit to the industry and a great role model.

Best of luck with the business.
Nice to catch up with you again Nick, lets hope you get some Sd1s through your doors soon enough!
Many thanks for the hospitality and service! Bought the car in for a general check over for common faults/underside inspection after only owning the car for a short period, and felt the car was in safe hands with Nick.

Next service will definatly be with Austin Garages!


Hi Nick, just wanted to say a big thankyou for doing all those jobs on my ZT190+, Cambelt, waterpump, Thermostat, Slave Cyl, Clutch, Vis Valves etc etc etc. I`ve got to say man I love that car, its like driving a different beast I cant hold it back lol, anyway enough of that thanks for treating it like one of your own and its reasuring knowing you are only a phone call away. Thanks again bud, will pass on your info and very reasonable prices to all I know. ps will post picture to you soon for the website.

Cheers Derek
Another example while I remember of Nick\'s skills.
My friend (and former Churchwarden) Heather has a 1957 Austin A35. Expensive visits to a couple of local \'specialist\' garages in Birmingham left a car that ran erratically and had a fuel guage fault.
Within minutes of arriving at Austin Garages Nick had the fuel guage working and had identified several fundamental flaws in basic servicing. The journey back to Longbridge in the little car had it performing with a willingness that it had not shown for years thanks to the dedication and knowledge of Nick (and incidentally the bill was very reasonable). As someone who is \'more polishing cloth than oily cloth\' it is great to drive away in a car that has not just been serviced according to the book but checked over with thorough care.
Once again my thanks to Nick for transforming one of my cars! I have known Nick since the early 1990s and the joy of Austin Garages is that Nick is now at liberty with Jean\'s support to work on cars to the standard he has always aimed for without the constraints of working within a wider operation. My Rover 75 is now a completely different car thanks to NIck\'s dedicated servicing and fettling.
I recommend Nick\'s services unreservedly and if you are reading this wondering if a trip to Burton on Trent is worth it - I can assure you it is. I used to bring cars up from Surrey for Nick\'s attention and care and was always worth it for the quality of service received.
Oh, I forgot to thank you for bringing the car back to me, all the way from Burton to Solihull on your night off. No other garage would do this.
I have taken the Allegro out this morning and you have transformed the car, Nick. The gear change is now silk smooth, the clutch gives me no worries and the CV joint now makes no knocking noise. I\'m sorry that I didn\'t write this sooner, but the car has been shut away in all of this terrible wet weather, and unfortunately this week end\'s show is now cancelled.
Never mind, you are brilliant at what you do and when the sun shines again I know that I\'ll be able to drive my car like it\'s new again. As long as you are here I know that I can call upon you to help me with my four cars and that I can enjoy them with no worries.

Please keep up the excellent work.
thanks once again for the most recent work you did on my 218 VVC coupe, as with all the previous work you have done for me your perfectionism came as standard.As you know my car is my pride and joy but i never have to worry that it will not receive the very best care and attention when in your capable hands.Your knowledge of MG-Rover products is second to none and if i had a query about my car, you would be the first person i would consult.Like all at the top of their profession you make it look easy but as we know it aint ortherwise we\'d all do it.

Big thanks also to Jean for her friendly welcome and all the coffee. I have no doubt whatsover that your new venture will be a roaring success, just keep on doing what you are doing and you won\'t go wrong.

Best wishes Mick McCormick.
Dear Nick and Jean,
Some garages are a nightmare, but yours is heaven!
Most garages spend as little time on your car and just take the cash, but to you no job is any trouble and nothing is a problem. Any extra job is greeted with enthusiasm. You also have such a huge breadth and depth of knowledge, Nick.

You work with such care and compassion, and Jean you are so welcoming-thank you for the tea and coffee-and the conversation.You sorted all of my problems on the Elf. It\'s a joy to drive again and what you have done is take years off the cars life and it\'s now like it was when I bought it twelve years ago.

The best thing, though, is that I know that I can trust you. You are a genuine enthusiast and this shows in the way that you care for your customers and cars.

Thanks Nick, My race car (MG TF Cup Car)was with a motorsport company for months trying to find a misfire problem with no luck, you sorted it in one Saturday afternoon. You really did me well.
I was so impressed I let you loose on the Mrs\'s TF and your work is top notch. I would use you every time if I wasn\'t going to Australia. Typical I find someone I can trust when I am leaving the country. Jason + Justine
Congratulations on opening up Austin Garages! Tempest will be the poorer for losing you.
You will be seeing my ZT260 V8 for routine servicing and I will need you to give the \"once over\" to a 75 Diesel that I have just bought!
Meanwhile the 75 LWB Limousine that you so professionally sorted out is now up for sale. Austin Garages Limo service??
Best regards Ian
Never mind Rover! Sorted out my VW Passat within an hour when I put petrol in instead of diesel. Very professional and friendly service. Thanks.
Hi Nick.
It`s about time you set-up your own garage business,now
you can offer owners your experience knowledge to
Allegro`s and MG-Rovers.
Congraulations on getting married too.
All the best.John Deverell Classic and Sportscar magazine.
Wishing you both well in your two new ventures marriage and business, sorry I won\'t see so much of you,
All the very best to you and Jean for the future, and thank you for your help over the years.

Look forward to dealing with you in the future
All the very best to Nick and Jean in your venture,
Having only known Nick for just over twelve months he has helped me out so many times with his knowledge
Very slick website, almost sorry I haven\'t got an MG or a Rover. Good luck in the new venture