Flexible working 



Is your car essential for your business all week but lies idle in the garage all weekend?


We offer a 'demand-and-needs' approach to our customers as far as we are able.


Therefore during the summer months in particular we can offer flexible working hours such as evening and weekend opening. Just have a  word with us beforehand. 



We will work when you don't have to!




Environmental concerns


In this modern-day world it is very simple to replace and discard. It is often the quickest and easiest option.


We aim to repair expensive components wherever possible.


We will always tell you what we have done and all work carried out will be clearly itemised on your bill.



All this will be done without compromising on safety, standards and reliability.


If however, you prefer to always have replacement parts 'out of the box' you only have to ask when you book your car in.


We will always consult you – it is after all, your car!!



 An example: A customer has an MGF fitted with EPAS (electronic power assisted steering), the car develops a fault and always pulls to the left. An MOT test reveals the steering column is inadvertently assisting the steering when no assistance is required. An official repair would be to renew the complete steering column at a cost of £650 plus VAT and labour. In this case the torque sensor has gone out of alignment and normally no repair is possible. However with the help of Testbook Diagnostics and some special adjustments to the torque sensor, this fault can be rectified for the cost of 90 minutes labour.  



Less to throw away and more to remain in your pocket!




All work carried out on MG Rover vehicles will be to the manufacturer's prescribed standards. With over 20 years under his belt Nick is eminently qualified to work on all MG Rover vehicles, using equipment fit for the task and following the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. In short, our services will follow the same standard expected from a main agent.  


                                                          MG Rover standards live on!




Payment is on collection of your vehicle or at the point of delivery.


We accept all the usual Credit and Debit cards, cash or cheques.


In certain circumstances we may ask for a  deposit in advance but this will be discussed with you first.    


                                                                Help us to help you!